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Powerful subsurface modeling solutions that deliver on today’s most pressing issues in the oilfield: real-time, higher resolution, sustainability, and scalability.

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Welcome to a new era for subsurface intelligence

Automation to empower every upstream professional

Data Security & Critical Insights 

Reducing Carbon Emissions with Greener Solutions

Digital solutions that address the industry's needs

Data science and machine learning tools for the Subsurface

Quantico leverages cutting-edge data science and machine learning tools to drive automated workflows that allow your team to operate safely and efficiently. Our solutions can be deployed as a cloud SaaS solution or through consultation services that work hand-in-hand with your organization.

Achieving oilfield digitalization through secure data driven solutions

In today's world, data is worth its metaphorical weight in gold. At Quantico, we significantly contribute to that value through time savings and deeper insights for subsurface driven workflows. We employ state-of-the-art cloud resources to keep your data safe and at your team's fingertips.

Cycle Reduction

Reducing the amount of energy expensive
cycles necessary to complete your subsurface projects. 

Green Development

Every line of code is intentionally designed to  limit unnecessary processes - lowering the energy consumed per cycle. 

Hardware Efficiency 

GPUs/FPGAs run ML solutions up to 25x faster than traditional CPUs. This results in less energy spent on cooling and maintaining massive processor stacks.

Digital A.I. technologies today, to empower the sustainable energy of tomorrow

Fast Onboarding

Intuitive design and support to facilitate scalable global deployment.

Immediate Returns

Insights can be made immediately available to domain experts for analysis. 

Low Risk Investment

Wide range of service and software options to fit your organizations budget.

Real-time Results

Real-time capabilities for many types of subsurface data.




A Fast, High-Fidelity solution to earth modeling, with static and real-time capabilities, QEarth can create full property volumes in a few weeks making it significantly faster than conventional statistical and deterministic seismic inversions.



Taking the AI generated logs from QLog, we can calculate high-resolution geomechanical properties to select the optimum location to place your clusters in your frac design or refine frac models. We have done this successfully for thousands of stages, with proven production and cost savings results.




Recording well logs with QLog, is an absolute game changer. No boots on the ground or tools down the hole. Our logs come within 2% - 6% of conventional logs. We can turn piles of drilling data into actionable intelligence for your geoscience team.




QDrill uses historical data from tens of thousands of wells to optimize drilling parameters in real-time to reduce bit-wear, eliminate the need for uncesary trips in/out of hole, and maximize ROP.


Software solutions for the digital oilfield

At Quantico we pride ourselves in finding creative solutions to subsurface problems. Without elegant software to deploy those solutions, it would be difficult to provide the level of automation that brings true value to our products. For that reason, our prolific team of data scientists and developers work tirelessly to deliver seamless applications for today's geoscientists and engineers.

Proud to have a strong team in our corner

Shell Technology Ventures became one of Quantico’s principal investors following a comprehensive review of the team’s range of expertise and quality of data science being applied in their subsurface solutions.

Shell's Validation of Quantico Technology

Shell deployed QLog in an effort to reduce cost in the Appomattox field development. Due to complex drilling conditions, particularly in shallow intervals, LWD would be difficult to execute and the study would be constrained by partial logs in some locations. 

Due to the fields existing development, a robust catalog of drilling data was available to train QLog models. Before deployment, the methodology was tested on historical data and yielded results that were in good agreement with conventionally logged data. 


For us at Quantico, this was just one of many successful projects with clients around the world.


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