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Real-time Optimal Drilling Parameter Recommendations

Limit unnecessary trips in and out of the hole, maximize ROP, and reduce bit wear. All in real-time.


Safer and More efficient Drilling

QDrill recommends the optimal drilling parameters and provides updated formation tops – all in real-time. The formation properties can be delivered at the bit or ahead of the bit to give drilling engineers the necessary lead time to make proper decisions.


A Hub for Optimal Drilling Parameters

QDrill provides a closed-loop system that provides real-time optimal drilling parameters to drillers. After sifting through historical drilling data, our data scientists have developed a power machine learning solution that delivers the knowledge of decades of drilling in real-time to the rig.


Maximized - Optimized ROP

QDrill generates real-time unconfined compressive strength (RT-UCS) by processing the data already collected during the drilling process. By comparing trends in RT-UCS and mechanical specific energy (MSE), the software is able to distinguish between changes in formation properties versus energy misapplication leading to drilling dysfunction. Now the driller can maintain or return to the efficient drilling window.

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