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Workflow/Workflow Dashboard

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Upon logging into QApp, the user is automatically redirected to the workflow dashboard by default. The workflow dashboard is the primary page for design and management of QEarth, QLog or QDrill workflows. This page contains:

  1. Create a new workflow by clicking the Add Workflow button at the top-right of the dashboard page. Enter a desired workflow name and click confirm. A new workflow is created and you are redirected to the workflow canvas of the newly created workflow.

  2. A section containing the list of workflows currently in the organization/team depending upon the user rights permissions. (See user rights page). Along with the name of the workflow, we have information about the workflow status, the current node being processed, last time executed, last time modified, progress bar and options. The Options icon allows us to edit workflow name, delete or duplicate a workflow.

  3. Above the workflow list, we have a workflow summary displaying the total number of workflows, total number of simulation runs and total number of training runs.


The data management section contains the database location. This is where the user can upload/retrieve files that are needed for designing a workflow.

  1. The database page contains a list of file and folders present in the database, the last modified timestamp and options. The options allows users to rename the file/folder. A file may be selected from the checkbox to the left of the file/folder name to allow for download or deletion.

  2. The toolbar on top of the page contains Home icon to return to root folder, Upload button to upload a file from your local computer, Create Folder to create a new folder, Download to download a selected file, Refresh icon to refresh the page and Delete to delete a selected file.

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