QRes is able to quickly and inexpensively generate near-log scale resolution earth models. The AI-based process is able to tie seismic to a variety of inputs such as well logs, and then uses the seismic data to map virtually any property across the entire volume (eg, Gamma, Resistivity, Density, YM, PR, etc). Laborious, expensive inversions and interpretations can be eliminated with turnaround time decreasing from months (traditional inversions) to weeks. Inverted volumes can also be utilized for downscaling.

Quantico expands the application of artificial intelligence to production modeling (QResXAI), where public well data from state regulators is used to predict production and inform decisions around well placement and completion design. QResXAI’s advanced methodologies include deep integration between earth models, geophysics and explainable AI so predictions are more accurate and easier to audit.

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