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Who We Are

Formed in 2012, Quantico Energy Solutions is an artificial intelligence company based in Houston, Texas. The company’s focus is on providing the oil and gas industry with data-driven solutions that lower costs and improve quality across the main areas of subsurface-related oilfield services. Today,
our solutions are being adopted by the largest oil and service companies around the world.

Our company employs a leading team of professionals from the oil and gas industry. The team has expertise in artificial intelligence software, down-hole tool design and geoscience. Our solutions combine the most advanced methodologies in artificial intelligence while embedding a deep interconnection to geology and geophysics 

Why is this important? We believe that if oil companies have less expensive and riskless solutions for reservoir characterization, drilling and completions, then they can deliver outperformance in cost efficiencies while improving production. However, the key to successful AI implementation requires inter-coupling the software with the geophysics. Whether in conventional or unconventional assets, our AI approach can lower costs by millions of dollars in each aspect of the workflow ranging from drilling, geology, geophysics, reservoir and completions.

In our mission to apply best-in-class artificial intelligence to meaningful upstream challenges, we are fortunate to have partnerships with two of the world’s largest oil companies – Royal Dutch Shell and Statoil – as well as Nabors, one of the world’s largest drilling contractors, each with demonstrated track records of bringing major innovations to the industry.

Geoscience-Based Artificial Intelligence For The Subsurface



  • Real-Time UCS
  • WOB, RPM
  • Tops While Drilling



  • Post-Drill Logs
  • Logging While Drilling
  • Lookbacks



  • Hi-Res Earth Model
  • Shale Production Model
  • Well Placement



  • Horizontal Logs
  • Geomechanics
  • Completion Placement

QDrill generates real-time unconfined compressive strength (RT-UCS) by processing the data already collected during the drilling process. By comparing trends in RT-UCS and mechanical specific energy (MSE), the software is able to distinguish between changes in formation properties versus energy misapplication leading to drilling dysfunction. Now the driller can maintain or return to the efficient drilling window.

Additionally, QDrill recommends the optimal drilling parameters and provides updated formation tops – all in real-time. The formation properties can be delivered at the bit or ahead of the bit to give drilling engineers the necessary lead time to make proper decisions.

QLog provides a suite of synthetic logs including shear, compressional, density and neutron. QLog can be run for vertical, deviated or horizontal wells. Qualification tests with supermajors has shown QLog to provide the same accuracy as LWD tools in both deepwater and land wells. Additional benefits to the oil company include no nuclear or acoustic sources in the well; and savings up to 80% of conventional logging costs.

Now the rest of the quad combo can be obtained by only running Gamma and Resistivity. QLog is an ideal solution to log challenging zones due to drilling hazards, slim hole or highly deviated sections. If an LWD tool malfunctions or loses circulation, QDrill can be turned on to drill ahead.

QRes is able to quickly and inexpensively generate near-log scale resolution earth models. The AI-based process is able to tie seismic to a variety of inputs such as well logs, and then uses the seismic data to map virtually any property across the entire volume (eg, Gamma, Resistivity, Density, YM, PR, etc). Laborious, expensive inversions and interpretations can be eliminated with turnaround time decreasing from months (traditional inversions) to weeks. Inverted volumes can also be utilized for downscaling.

Quantico expands the application of artificial intelligence to production modeling (QResXAI), where public well data from state regulators is used to predict production and inform decisions around well placement and completion design. QResXAI’s advanced methodologies include deep integration between earth models, geophysics and explainable AI so predictions are more accurate and easier to audit.

Using the primary logs from QLog, additional properties including Poisson’s Ratio, Young’s Modulus, Brittleness, and Minimum Horizontal Stress can be derived. These properties can be used to derive vertical and horizontal stress profiles, model frac treatments and optimize the placement of perforation clusters and plugs to correspond to changes in rock characteristics.

Employed in over one hundred US Land wells, the optimized placement has shown increased production, smoother frac jobs, and lower overall completion costs.

Earth Models

Artificial intelligence-based methods can map geological properties in much higher resolution than traditional seismic inversions and perform the work in a fraction of the time. Detailed maps of key attributes – ranging from Gamma, Resistivity, Density, Stress and Brittleness – can be generated to place wells in the best production sweet spots.

Well Placement

Precision well steering is enabled by advanced analytics that continuously update formation tops and well ties. This automated approach locates precisely where the bit is at all times and provides a look-ahead view of upcoming features to make the right steering decisions.

Drilling Optimization

Real-Time UCS enables rapid identify and remediation of drilling dysfunction. Once vibration or other causes of energy loss are removed from the drill string, then advanced artificial intelligence methods recommend the optimal drilling parameters to achieve maximum ROP.

Logging While Drilling

Real-time or on-demand synthetic logging provides critical information for projects where conventional LWD services were previously not economically viable. For projects that run LWD tools, a software-based approach can serve as a reliable add-on service that increases reliability, reduces NPT and logs every trip.

Optimized Completions

Take the horizontal logging cost and risk factors out of your decision to optimize stage and perforation cluster placement. For the same number of stages, studies have shown that equalizing stress across stages and clusters yields higher production and smoother frac jobs relative to geometric completions.


QLog is the only solution that allows you to obtain open hole logs on wells already put on production. The ability to review formation properties on wells drilled years ago is critical to selecting candidate wells to re-fracture. Now utilize rock mechanics and lithology to selectively target promising intervals.

Why Choose Quantico?

Cost Savings

Demonstrated savings of up to 80% of logging costs (not including NPT) and lower drilling AFE by up to 30%.

No Risk

No tools added to the BHA. No nuclear sources enter the well. No lost-in-hole charges. Ideal in sections with drilling hazards.


Proven to be the same accuracy as LWD tools in deepwater. Sonic logs more robust in thin beds. Density not affected by washouts.


Eliminate log-related NPT. No wireline engineers or equipment on-site means lower HSSE risk.


No malfunctions of tool memory or power. Ideal for challenging logging conditions.

Near-Bit Data

Log data available at the point of the Gamma sensor. This means sonic logs available 60-90ft earlier than LWD tools.

Quantico’s QFrac service represents a valuable ‘big data’ solution to the stimulation process. By using the drilling data you already have, this service makes it much easier and cost-effective to initiate fractures and equalize proppant distribution in multi-cluster stages.

StrataGen, Frac Consultant

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