QLog provides a suite of synthetic logs including shear, compressional, density and neutron. QLog can be run for vertical, deviated or horizontal wells. Qualification tests with supermajors has shown QLog to provide the same accuracy as LWD tools in both deepwater and land wells. Additional benefits to the oil company include no nuclear or acoustic sources in the well; and savings up to 80% of conventional logging costs.

Now the rest of the quad combo can be obtained by only running Gamma and Resistivity. QLog is an ideal solution to log challenging zones due to drilling hazards, slim hole or highly deviated sections. If an LWD tool malfunctions or loses circulation, QDrill can be turned on to drill ahead.

Key aspects of QLog have been awarded patent protection. This reinforces the growing importance of applying artificial intelligence to extract valuable rock properties information from the drilling data – and Quantico’s technology leadership in this area.

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