In 2012, we realized that the unique circumstances surrounding subsurface data requires a very different toolkit from generalized artificial intelligence approaches. What makes the subsurface special? In other industries, and even in most applications thus far in Upstream Oil & Gas, AI has been applied to large data sets to model social behavior or machine performance. In the subsurface, AI must match the same physical reality as a direct measurement of a rock sample, but with very sparse data. Based in Houston, Texas, our company was formed to apply artificial intelligence to subsurface data with unrivaled accuracy and cost performance. Our solutions combine the most advanced methodologies in artificial intelligence while embedding a deep interconnection to geology and geophysics. AI tools that do not adequately incorporate rock properties will not provide the most accurate, closed-loop workflows around G&G, engineering and production decisions.


We employ a leading team of professionals with expertise in artificial intelligence, geoscience, drilling and frac engineering. What began as a collection of individuals has now gained support from major oil companies around the world. We are fortunate to have partnerships with two of the world’s largest oil companies – Royal Dutch Shell and Equinor – each with demonstrated track records of bringing major innovations to the Oil & Gas industry.


We believe the next major opportunity to deliver value to our customers will be enabling real-time data workflows across the key subsurface disciplines. From real-time earth models to real-time drilling parameters, the ability for subsurface AI solutions to support E&P professionals collaboratively and efficiently will unlock new gains for the industry. As has always been the case in our industry, the oil companies that master the subsurface will deliver unparalleled value for its stakeholders – the application of artificial intelligence to the subsurface will be no different. Quantico is the market leader helping major oil companies across the world enable this vision.

Quantico’s QFrac service represents a valuable ‘big data’ solution to the stimulation process. By using the drilling data you already have, this service makes it much easier and cost-effective to initiate fractures and equalize proppant distribution in multi-cluster stages.

StrataGen, Frac Consultant


Cost Savings

Demonstrated savings of up to 80% of logging costs (not including NPT) and lower drilling AFE by up to 30%.

No Risk

No tools added to the BHA. No nuclear sources enter the well. No lost-in-hole charges. Ideal in sections with drilling hazards.


Proven to be the same accuracy as LWD tools in deepwater. Sonic logs more robust in thin beds. Density not affected by washouts.


Eliminate log-related NPT. No wireline engineers or equipment on-site means lower HSSE risk.


No malfunctions of tool memory or power. Ideal for challenging logging conditions.

Near-Bit Data

Log data available at the point of the Gamma sensor. This means sonic logs available 60-90ft earlier than LWD tools.